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RRSS 2011 No.1 - Romanian Review of Social Sciences

  1. Authors:
      • Anton P. Parlagi

  2. Keywords: jusnomia, socionomy, politonomy, ideonomic justice, socionomic equity

  3. Abstract:
    According to the political phenomenology of law, social justice is (or it should be) a way of extrapolating justice, the imperative moral norm which states that each individual should be equally treated in all his/her existential dimensions: anthroponomical, socionomic or politonomic.  The jusnomia of social justice does not only imply that the legal system is (or it should be) just/fair, but also that the accomplishment of justice is a condition of socio-archy (which is opposed to anarchy). The demogonic character of justice states that individuals do not have a social behaviour as a consequence of the rational reasons they share, but under the influence of the existing social reasons; this means that their legal existence is pre-established through norms, independently of their will. As long as from an ideonomic point of view justice will remain an ideal for fairness, from a politonomic point of view, it will be regarded as a key legal principle.

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